Purpose in wealth

creates prosperity.

We go beyond financial security:

we create wealth.

Wealth has no meaning

without purpose.
Welcome to
Purpose Wealth
Come and visit us at our Purpose Wealth offices at Lynnwood Bridge Office Park in Lynnwood Manor.
There are people who have money and there are people who have wealth.
Creating real wealth is more than making money; it is an art energised by your life purpose, allowing you to fully experience and sharing life. Purpose Wealth aligns your life purpose with expert financial planning,
dynamic investment strategy and wealth management excellence. Together on your journey to wealth, we are guided in our pursuit by the olive tree – the iconic symbol of endurance, security, peace and prosperity.

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Our Focus – Our Differentiator


Pursue your life purpose today. Call Jan-Carel Botha at +27 12 470 2756 or
mail jan-carel@purposewealth.co.za for expert financial planning and wealth creation solutions.